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A Centralized Inventory System that Saves 5 hrs Per Employee Per Week

Keeping Track of Medical Inventory Between Hospitals

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Project Timeline

2023 - 2024


Increased in ROI revenue

A Centralized Inventory System that Saves 5 hrs Per Employee Per Week

Project Overview

  • Lacked Knowledge of Airtable Best Practices: Before our intervention, the team was not fully utilizing Airtable’s extensive functionalities. There was a significant gap in understanding how to leverage its features for optimal inventory management, data integration, automation, and reporting.
  • Endured Confusing and Complicated Inventory Processes: The initial end-user process for managing inventory was complex and unclear, particularly in a high-stakes medical environment. This confusion stemmed from a combination of manual processes and partially digitized systems that lacked seamless integration.
  • Faced Challenges with Inventory Across Multiple Locations: Managing inventory across various locations introduced significant complexity to stock control. The existing system inadequately tracked the movement of items between locations, causing inaccuracies in stock levels, including issues with orders placed on Xero.

Project Execution

  • Designed a user-friendly and intuitive interface using Airtable’s UI features.
  • Simplified and standardized workflows to reduce user errors and increase efficiency.
  • Involved end users in the design process to align the system with their needs.
  • Implemented a centralized Airtable system for real-time visibility across all locations.
  • Created a single form for the ABM to track inventory movements, no matter where they were.
  • Set up automated alerts for inventory levels and analytical tools for better inventory planning


  • Saved 5 hrs of time per employee per week
  • Reduced 20 + Airtable bases to one
  • Created mobile app to update stock on the go

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